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SNS Management is proud to provide communities that residents love to call home.

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SNS Management is the next generation of Cincinnati residential property management. SNS Management was formed in 2016, but it's founders have over 40 years of real estate and property management experience combined. We strive to raise the bar for the industry and provide first-class customer service to our residents.

With approximately 1,250 multifamily residential units under management in the Cincinnati market, we are large enough to have the resources and experience to take on the biggest projects, but still small enough to be able to focus on the individual needs of each of our residents and the properties where they live.

At SNS Management, our top priority is to provide our residents with a safe, well-maintained living experience where they are proud to call home. Our team strives to simplify the rental process by being highly responsive and utilizing the latest technology, from electronic leases to automated rent payments that can all be done from your phone.


At SNS, it is our mission to deliver the feeling of home. “Home” can mean a lot of things, but feeling at home is connected with many positive emotions like stability, respect, convenience, and belonging. We exist to deliver the positive feelings of home to our residents.


We believe passionately in the power of stable households to shape lives, communities, and, ultimately, the world.


As one of the largest property management firms in Cincinnati, we set the industry standard of how apartments should be managed. Through our own relentless execution of this high standard, we force our industry to become better. Through that betterment of the industry, more stable households are provided to the masses. In those homes, individuals grow, families thrive, and the community and world we share is a better place for all.


Reliable - Team Oriented - Positive Attitude - Always Do the Right Thing - Driven - Continuously Improving


To contact us regarding leasing one of our properties, please visit our Listings page and submit a contact request for the unit you are interested in.



Corporate Address

11503 Springfield Pike

Ste. 210

Cincinnati, OH 45246

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